Dog Carts large dog exercise carts for sale featuring the Rover Dog Cart by Canine Carriages. We also offer The TranSport canine cart built to suit your dog carting and drafting cart needs as well as being easily portable.



The Rover dog cart by Canine Carriages is a single-seat, 2-wheeled aerobic conditioning cart for medium and large breed dogs.

The Rover dogcart is built with D.O.M. (drawn over mandrel) steel for strength and more consistent specifications. The Rover is welded together in such a way that we rate the frame at 1000 lbs. carrying capacity. This is far more strength than is needed by its' 250 lb. weight limit. Baked-on powder coat in black is the finish throughout. Both fenders and shafts are easily removed for cleaning and storage. Cleanup is a snap.

Driven to Excellence

"Your welds and building of the dog cart are superb. It's had some rough treatment and nothing has broken loose or twisted. I will go halfway into the desert with one dog and, on the trip back, change dogs. That way, both dogs will be pulling the cart daily". -Sandra Ryan, NV

Cart Side Shot

Each Rover dog cart comes equipped with a foot-activated mechanical brake system. The brake calipers are mounted on a rigid surround that deflects and protects both brake and wheel. The 24" composite wheel has proven most durable for 18+ years. Tires and tubes are available from Canine Carriages or any bike shop. The fabric for the fenders and load or cab bag is cordura.

Cart With Shafts

Each Rover comes equipped with a single-dog shaft set. An additional double-dog shaft set can be purchased to work 2-4 dogs in brace. The single-dog set can work 1-3 dogs at a time. Both height adjustments and shaft set installation or removal can be accomplished very quickly and without tools. The tennis balls provide an expedient and whimsical finish for the shaft ends

2 Carts Verticle

The Rover is available in two sizes to suit different-sized people. Canine Carriages recommends, based upon our experience, the appropriate-sized cart for the primary driver. The Rover weighs 55 lbs. and 60 lbs. for the short and long carts.


The Rover is equipped with a very comfortable seat. To achieve balance in the two-wheeled Rover, a seat slider is used. The slider allows the fine-tuning of balance on grades and between two differently-weighted drivers. The Rover has a marine-grade plywood floor that is coated with "sand" paint. There is space on the floorboard and under the seat for cargo.

Shaft Sets

The Rover's shaft sets are designed to work above the dog's backline. This is why the Rover is so very maneuverable. Also, both sides of the dog's harness is supported by a rigid shaft for simplicity and animal comfort. The single shaft set is capable of supporting one center-pull dog and as many as two "outrigger" dogs. The double-dog shaft set is designed to accommodate two center-pull dogs and two "outrigger" dogs. Outrigger dogs are akin to ponying an animal. They provide little horse-power and are mostly along for the exercise..

Dog Carting Supplies


The Rover uses a roading-style harness made of nylon webbing. The harness is also built as a multiple use harness and has 5 D-rings to this end. There are 3 basic harness sizes available to fit most dogs. Canine Carriages uses quick-release buckles and velcro size adjustments.


A set of driving reins are included with each cart sale. These reins arrive with the harness and training instruction booklet. A driving collar is also available if needed.

Cargo Bag

Each Rover has a zippered cargo bag to keep personal items secure while driving.

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