Dog Carts large dog exercise carts for sale featuring the Rover Dog Cart by Canine Carriages. We also offer The TranSport canine cart built to suit your dog carting and drafting cart needs as well as being easily portable.


Our Dog Cart Sales Policies and Philosophy

Canine Carriages Dog Carts places the highest value on customer satisfaction. We strive, to the best of our ability, to make sure that every one of our customers are not just happy now but also many years from now. We foster a close relationship with our customers to ensure that our products are right for them, their animals and their driving situations. If in our opinion our products are not right for you, we will tell you without hesitation. We would rather have you happy with us due to our honesty in not selling you a cart than to have you unhappy with us for making a sale that is not right for you. In general, we prefer to speak with you by phone instead of lengthy emails at some point prior to purchasing.

One Year Limited Warranty

Carriages has a remarkable safety and durability record. We offer a one-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. This warranty excludes tires (both pneumatic and airless), inner tubes, brake pads or damage caused by negligence, reckless behavior or abuse, in our opinion. Any repair work or structural modifications not undertaken or authorized by Canine Carriages voids our warranty. This warranty applies only to the original invoiced customer. Canine Carriages reserves the right to repair or replace, at our option, any defect in workmanship or faulty parts or components.

Even if a particular carts' warranty is voided for whatever reason, Canine Carriages will make every effort to effect repairs as quickly and as economically as possible. Our carts live to be used and we want them to be used abundantly.

Canine Carriages does not condone nor promote the use of its' products on streets or in any situation where contact with cars or trucks or any other motorized vehicle may occur. It is our opinion that this is a dangerous practice to be avoided at all cost. ALL responsibility for doing so is borne by the owner or driver of our carts and is in violation of our public policy regarding this matter.

Payment and Layaway

Canine Carriages holds strong views on the use of money and debt/usury. We do not want our customers going into debt to buy our products. As such, we do not accept any type of credit or debit instruments such as credit cards. We do accept cash and personal or cashier's checks.

Payment options include:

Our layaway plan works like this:

You decide what you can afford to pay on a regular basis and send those payments to Canine Carriages. We do not cash these payments, but place them in your file in a secure place to accrue. When you are nearing full payment for your cart and ONLY with your permission, we will bank your payments and start building your cart for you. At any time prior to starting to build your cart, all payments accrued in your file will be returned to you, for any reason, upon your request. This way your money is always in place to either build your cart or to return to you for any reason. In our opinion, prior to building it's your money and just about anything in your life has greater need and value than one of our carts. However, once we start building your cart with your permission, the cart is yours upon full payment.

D r i v e n to I n t e g r i t y

Shop and Compare

Canine Carriages welcomes comparative shopping. We want you to be sure that our products are "right" for you and your situation. If there is a question in your mind or ours as to whether or not our cart will be suited to your needs, we'd rather not sell you one. We will help you explore all options with candor and integrity so that you will have the best outcome for you and for your animal, whether we "make a sale" or not. Canine Carriages is a custom order shop and, as such, all sales are final. Once a cart is started for a customer, said cart belongs to that customer upon full payment and no monies will be returned to the customer purchasing that custom commissioned cart.

We welcome exploratory calls to us prior to the purchase of a used cart to determine whether the cart being offered for sale by a private party is suited to your needs. Additionally and at our option, nonstructural parts or replacement parts are sent to the other-than-original owner free of charge. This is done to ensure that the re-sold cart is used abundantly by the happy new owner.

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