Dog Carts large dog exercise carts for sale featuring the Rover Dog Cart by Canine Carriages. We also offer The TranSport canine cart built to suit your dog carting and drafting cart needs as well as being easily portable.


Transport Kit

Canine Carriages TranSport dog cart allows you to quickly remove the wheels and seat from the cart without tools.

The TranSport must be ordered as such and is not inter-changeable with a Rover dog cart specific to wheels and seats. All other parts are interchangeable and cart dimensions are the same as the Rover. The TranSport long model will fit in a full-size car trunk.

Transport Ki2

The TranSport dog cart by Canine Carriages was built to suit the needs of those who need a dog cart that would store and/or transport in a small area. It has the same dimensions as our Rover cart but also has the ability to break down and store all components within the frame-rail.

Draft Cart with double-dog shafts

Driven to Innovation

Another versatile feature of the TranSport is its' ability to become a dog drafting cart. By removing the seat, the TranSport is able to move large loads in balance. Some customers have used the TranSport in "draft mode" to move hay, groceries and firewood.

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